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It is very quick and easy to check if your flight has been delayed. Use the form below to find out if you are due any compensation.

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Read more on your rights as a flight consumer if your flights is delayed for more than two hours. Don't miss out.


Use the form below to find out if you are due between 200 - 500 in compensation.

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Do you know your rights if your flight is cancelled or delayed for more than 2 hours and so forth?

If your flight was delayed or cancelled and you are already at the airport you have rights:
After 2 hours delays:
1) Soft drinks and snacks.
2) 2 telephone calls or ability to send e-mail / fax.
3) Provision of baby care room.
After 4 hours delay:
1) Hot meals (then every 6 hours)
If you need to wait for the next flight 8 hours during the day (6 hours at night)
1) Accommodation in a hotel for delay time
2) Transfer to the accommodation and back to the airport.
If your flight was unexpectedly cancelled and you are already at the airport, you are entitled to demand one of the following options:
1) Alternative transport to the final destination as early as possible.
2) Re-booking flight, considering the number of available seats.
3)Reimbursement amount of the ticket for 7 days, as well as return to the starting point of the route, if further journey does not make sense (also applies to delays longer than 5 hours).

All these rules help you feel quiet when your flight is delayed or cancelled.

Do you know which flights are eligible for compensation according to European Commission Regulation № 261/2004?

First of all, the amount of compensation (from €250 to €600) depends on the distance of your flight and the length of the delay. There are some conditions of compensation:

1) The flight must arrive in EU member country or depart from EU member country (in the former case the Regulation is only applicable to EU airlines)
2) The flight must have been commenced no later than 6 years ago.
3) The flight must be delayed for more than 3 hours or cancelled.

Our automatic flight delay form checks all of these conditions and calculate if you are due compensation

Your rights for denied boarding?

In case of overbooking the airline must first look for volunteers who wish to abandon their booking in exchange for particular benefits. The airline must provide these volunteers with two options: 1) Full refund of your ticket price. 2) Route change. If the passenger opts for route change, the airline must provide them further support. It may include meals and refreshments, telephone communication, accommodation and transportation from the airport. If you are not willing to abandon your booking and you are denied of boarding, you are entitled to compensation of €250 - €600 for every passenger in addition to the full price of your ticket.